Sardavaran Company has displayed a 180-ton chiller in the 13th Iran Plast showcase. 

Chillers are divided into three types considering their condensers: cool air chillers, cool water chillers and cool evaporators. Depending on the type of compressor system, there are piston, centrifuge, scroll, screw and absorber chillers. The first four are compression chillers that operate on electric motors, steam or gas turbines. Absorbent chillers do not use a compressor and the absorption refrigeration cycle is used for chilling.

Sayed Mohsen Hosseini, internal director of Sardavaran No Andish Company, told Iran Plast correspondent that the company had been active in the manufacturing of industrial chillers since 2000, and had so far delivered over 1,000 chillers used by various industries.

He said the chillers were mostly used in the plastics industry for cooling hot plastics during molding processes such as injection, extruding and blowing as well as ambient air conditioning.

“We have numerous teams in different cities that provide after-sales services to our customers,” he said.

Hosseini further said that his company was also an active exporter and sent items to Iraq, Afghanistan and Zimbabwe.

The 13th Iran Plast international exhibition began on Sunday, September 22 and will run through September 25 at Tehran’s permanent fairgrounds.