The upcoming exhibition
The 17th Iran Plast International Exhibition “2023 / Tehran" فارسی

About the exhibition

The 17th IranPlast International Exhibition

The 17th IranPlast International Exhibition IranPlast International Exhibition seeks to provide a basis for the prosperity of the domestic plastic industry market and facilitate the global marketing process and the presence of this part of the country’s industry in the world markets. Today, this exhibition is considered the largest event of the plastic industry in the Middle East region and is classified among the prestigious exhibitions of the world’s plastic industry. This exhibition has passed 16 successful periods. According to the plans, the 17th edition of IranPlast International Exhibition will be held in September 2023 at the permanent location of Tehran International Exhibitions in four groups of raw materials, prefabricated and manufactured products, machines, equipment and services. The strength of the country’s plastic industry has been only one of the advantages of holding this exhibition. In addition, in the shadow of this exhibition, various organizations were formed in order to have a more effective presence in different parts of the plastic industry, which creates the basis for increasing competition and greater prosperity.

The event place

The permanent location of Tehran International Exhibitions

The time

From 17th to 20th of September, 8:00 to 15:00

The product group

Exhibition topics

Raw materials or petrochemical products

Technical and engineering services

Prefabricated and manufactured products

Machines and equipment of institutions and companies

Financial/banking scientific

Research, academic, testing, laboratory centers and HSE

Information Technology and digital transformation


Other services